20 de nov de 2010

Tea And Tears 2

Come on, my friend
Drink with me
I'd like to share with you
This bottle of tea
One cup is for you
Mine with some tears

My story I want you to hear
I need to tell it to someone
Nowdays I feel a kind of envy
Which makes me let myself alone
I look to the others
And the things they get
And start to think mith me
That my life has no met

I know it is wrong
I know I shouldn't do it
But what is the right thing
Sorry, they hadn't told me
So now I want your opinion to hear
As long as I drink
My tea with some tears

Things are now so strange
As we could never imagine before
Work, love, people, God,
And a lot of things more
Everyone is so happy
And it makes me feel down
As it's kisses, words, greets and smiles
Took out a part of my own
Maybe I need psycho terapy
Or something like that
Because everytime I feel
I think I'm getting mad
It can even be funny
But I want you to not laught
These words I say are as serious
As my tea is still has little salt

Sometimes I feel I own it
And I must feel this way
I know it sounds kind of insane
That's why these words I don't say

I know it is wrong
But I don't know what to do
They think that I'm smart
I think I'm a farse
Beacuse kowledge can't take you anywhere
And surely can't lead me there
Where with them I wanted to be
So I'll keep here drinking
My tea with my own tears

Before you tell me
What you think about it all
Let me first explain you
What happened until now
I'm not sad about the others
I don't hate it's happiness
I just don't feel I can handle
All that joyfulness
Sometimes my heart gets as heavy as words
Sometimes is as light as a child's hand
And now you please tell me
What do you think, my friend

Come on, my friend
Drink with me
I'd like to share with you
This bottle of tea
One cup is for you
Mine with some tears

And then while I drank
My tears in a glass
My frind by my side told me
The words I'll never forget

The man can be good
And feel his heart is ill
As he can be the worse
And not even get a chill
I confess it's not easy
But I believe in you
If you do look on inside
You'll discover what to do
In yourself lies the answer
That you wanted to hear
In yourself lies the essence
That'll set you free

Now stop suffering alone
And share your tears with me
We'll walk around at the gardens
As friends that we always used to be

Together we'll all drink of the bootle of tea
And there will be no more tears

Meu Quarto

(Poema de D. Joe)

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