6 de ago de 2011

Winter Soul

Seems like yesterday we were younger
Younger than the youngest among us now
Seems like yesterday we were stronger
Stronger than the weakness among us now

What happened, my friend?
Why did we stopped to dream?
Waiting for something that somemone told us to believe

The morning comes nowadays even colder
TGhan the night wanderer chilling breeze
Would not we be a little closer
Than yesterday we were to achieve?

The soft wet grass is long lost
The path was covered with concrete
Wasting those small things that nowadays we miss

In the Spring, will we dance on the fields?
In the Sunshine, can we swim a waterfall?
In the Autumn, there will have fruits for us all?

We'll be back to the Winter
We'll come back to the Winter

Seems like yesterday they were older
But bones don't count the times anymore
Seems like now our ancients are our youngers
The elders has been lost in the last war

We can't cry in the after war

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